Scout Studio

Designing for startups

For three semesters between 2016-17, I was a member of Scout Studio, Northeastern's undergraduate student-led design studio.


In my role as a Project Lead, I led a team of students through the design and development of a marketing website and brand identity for a meeting management product called MeetingHabits (the website is live)! I managed client communications, planned weekly sprints with an Agile framework, and led meetings.



TrailTag is a personal location device that allows groups on outdoor trips to communicate with each other and send out distress signals, offering peace of mind by keeping people connected in areas without reliable cell service. As a studio designer, I worked on the research and UX/UI design of the corresponding mobile app for both Android and iOS. 

The app had to be designed for ease-of-use in active and/or potentially stressful situations, and remain unobtrusive so it wouldn't interfere with an "unplugged" outdoor experience.

User Flow

I created a user flow diagram to visually show the basic functionality that we would need to include in our designs.

user flow


Using index cards, our team would start by creating paper wireframes for each feature.


I then turned the paper wireframes into digital wireframes. We tested and iterated upon this prototype through Invision before moving into UI design.

UX Flow

Using the wireframes, I created a document that shows how every screen connects with one another. The developers used it as a reference while building the app to ensure that the functionality of the code matched the design.


UI Design

In styling the wireframes, we used light blue for guides, teal for regular trip participants, and red for any signs of distress. We kept these colors consistent throughout the app and used size and shadows to indicate any other changes in status on the map markers.