Information Design

Visualizing data and processes

The following three projects were created during the Spring 2020 semester in Doug Scott's Information Design course.

3 Trips

This first project is an infographic depicting three trips, all starting from my Boston apartment. The first trip shows how I get to class every day in Northeastern's Ryder Hall (educated). The second trip shows how I get to my hometown, Tustin, CA (raised). The last and longest trip shows an international trip to my birthplace in Tao Yuan, Taiwan (born).

The main challenge with this project was displaying a large number of datasets in this 3D, isometric, and colorful design. 

Datasets used included:

  • Distance and time of travel
  • Method of travel (flying, driving, walking)
  • Media consumed during travel (name and type)
  • Flag of location
  • Name, city, latitude/longitude, time, and temperature of destinations
  • Cost of travel
  • Carbon emissions released during the trip
  • Bags and luggage carried during travel
  • Major landmarks
  • Breakdown of how time is used during travel, from Boston to Taipei airports
3 trips

Illustrated Recipe

This second poster visualizes the complex process of cooking beef noodle soup, a popular Taiwanese dish. The main goal of this project was to convey information as clearly as possible with a minimal amount of text. This was designed to be folded in an accordion format.

thomson_tia_process combined-01-min

Country Data Infographic

This poster, which measures over 3 feet tall, captures a statistical profile of Canada with over 30 independent pieces of data. The main goal of this project was to organize and visualize sets of data to tell a comprehensive story of the country.